For the regular holding of Lahore International Book Fair in Lahore every year and for promotion of reading habits in Pakistan through book fairs, educational exhibitions, literary and other events, and such activities as may be approved by the Board.

For contributing to share expenses of the Zonal Office (Lahore) of the Association, subject to permission and approval of the Board.

For awarding scholarships and grants to the needy students attaining outstanding positions in Secondary and degree examinations.

For giving financial help to poor students in the form of stipends textbooks, help books etc.

For giving financial help to educational and welfare institutions.

For establishing new libraries and reading rooms and/or financially helping the existing facilities including arrangement for mobile libraries and infrastructure to develop mobile exhibition hardware etc.

For providing and in making available infrastructure for holding of book fairs and other exhibitions etc. throughout Pakistan to create awareness for reading habits.

For making arrangement to publish, print any magazine on book trade publishing and education or affordable books for the book trade or student body of Pakistan and

For any other means for the achievement of the above objects.



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