Pakistan Publishers and Booksellers Association
Expo Center Johar Town Lahore


Possession/Vacation of Stalls

Participants will be given possession of the stand / stalls at 11 am one or two days (as will be decided) before the starting of Fair. The stands / stalls shall be vacated latest by noon next day after closing of the Fair, failing which the LIBF shall have the right to remove the exhibits / material at the risk and cost of the participant(s).

It shall be the responsibility of the participants to remove all exhibits, tools and other materials at the end the Fair and leave the stalls in the same condition in which these were allotted to them after making payments of all or any extra facility taken from the hall contractor.

Display and Sales of Books

There shall be no display and sale of pirated, proscribed or objectionable books at the Fair. The sales of foreign participant shall be through their local agents, re-sellers, partners and distributors. No local exhibitor will be allowed to display the name of any foreign publisher in any form and in such a case the difference between local and foreign stall charges will be recovered. Failure to pay such amount will give the right to LIBF management to close the stall without any compensation or refund. In case of any violation of these or any rules LIBF management shall have the right to close the stall without any claim.

Encroachment of Passages etc.

No encroachment or extension in the passage shall be allowed. Participants are therefore advised to arrange the display within the space allotted to them. No advertisement material/banner/flex will be allowed to be displayed outside the space provided in the stall. Banners etc on the outside railing of upper floor of the hall can only be displayed with the approval of management for which a standard size will be prescribed. Any banner beyond the prescribed size and without approval will be removed without return.


While the LIBF will make arrangements to carry out the general cleaning of the hall, the participants shall be responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the stand / stalls during the Fair days.

Book release functions, etc.

No participant will be permitted to have any books released or any other such function at his stall or anywhere else in the Fair premises without prior written permission of the LIBF. While seeking permission, participants should give details, such as the nature of the program, its duration, name of the chief guest, etc.

Playing Audio/Video Cassettes

Participants playing audio or video equipment at the stall should ensure that the level of sound remains within the stall and does not cause any annoyance to either neighboring exhibitors or to visitors. The LCD/LED/screen will not be placed outside the stall space and that too with very low sound. The LIBF management will be the sole judge as to whether there is any annoyance to either the participants or to the visiting public and its decision to allow or close down such activity shall be final.


It will be the responsibility of the participants to insure (if they so require) their exhibits and stock against break-in, theft and damage by fire and other natural calamities, during transit to and from the exhibition halls as well as the during the duration of the Fair. The LIBF shall be entitled but not obliged to inspect such policy before handing over possession of the stands / stalls. In such event the participants shall indemnify the LIBF.


While the LIBF management will make round the clock security arrangements at the Fair hall(s) during the Fair, the LIBF will not be liable for any loss or damage to the goods and property of the participants in transit, storage or in exhibition during the Fair. The participants are therefore advised not to leave their stand / stalls unattended during the Fair timings. The participants, if they so desire, may make security arrangements for their stalls during the Fair timing but these must be first approved by the LIBF management.


Participants will be allowed entry into the Fair hall(s) 30 minutes before the Fair opening time for the public and shall have to vacate the halls by the closing time every day. No goods or displays may be removed during the Fair days without the written permission of the LIBF management.


In the event of a natural disaster or circumstances beyond control, or if circumstances so warrant, the LIBF management reserves the right to postpone, close, alter or cancel the Fair without any claim. In case the Fair is cancelled before the inauguration, rentals collected shall be refunded after making the necessary deductions upto 25% of expenses so incurred. But no refund in any case will be made if a participant wishes to withdraw from the Fair after making a firm booking.

Any of the terms and conditions mentioned above may be relaxed or modified or changed at any time before or during the Fair at the discretion of the LIBF management, whose decision shall be final and binding. In all such other matters not herein mentioned the decision of LIBF management shall be final.



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